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Sports Vision Overview

Sports Performance Vision From Your Optometrist

Aggies are sports-minded people. And at Urban Optics in College Station, we know that the optometry athletes need isn't just about how many lines of letters they can see on an eye chart. Of course, your Doctor of Optometry wants to give you the correction you need if you can't read that 20/20 line or that 20/15 line on the Snellen eye chart. But people who are serious about sports also need to be evaluated for other aspects of good vision.

Factors Affecting Vision and Sports Performance

Contrast sensitivity

Contrast sensitivity is all about being able to see objects against a background. We don't play every game on a sunny day. We don't always have the greatest lighting. Dr. Greene and Dr. Ross can prescribe corrective lenses with specific tints to increase your contrast sensitivity.


Can you keep your eye on the ball? To do that, your eyes need good tracking ability. We have tests to see how well your eyes follow objects. We can also give you recommendations on how to train your eyes to follow the motion.

Ocular alignment

Did you ever wonder why your doctor of optometry asks you to cover one eye and then over the other eye and then asks you to you look at things with both eyes open at the same time? The doctor is seeing how your eyes respond to a stimulus individually and then how well they how they respond to the same stimulus together.

And how about that test where the doctor shines the bright light in your eye? What's that about? Called the Hirschberg test, this essential test for every eye care consultation is also about ocular alignment. Your doctor is looking at where the light falls on your cornea. If you have one eye that looks inward or outward or up or down rather than straight ahead, then the doctor can prescribe corrections so that your eyes are aligned together.

Eye dominance

There's another test in which the doctor of optometry asks you to look at an object as it's brought closer to your face. The eye that loses focus last is your dominant eye. If the non-dominant eye loses focus too soon, then you may have problems with your binocular vision. These problems can be corrected with a lens prescription.

Depth perception

Every athlete needs to know how close or far away objects and other players are on the court or field. Several methods of testing depth perception and corresponding problem correction are available at your eye care office.

Let Urban Optics Help You

Tiny improvements in vision are sometimes the winning edge in athletic competition. Let us help you perform at your best. Make your appointment at Urban Optics today.

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