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Contact Lens Exam in College Station, TX

​​​​​​​Are you suffering from a refractive error such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism? If you've never worn corrective lenses for such a condition before, you may have decided that you want to forego eyeglasses for the convenience and "invisibility" of contact lenses; if you've worn glasses all your life, you may want contact lenses as a useful alternative for specific situations where glasses could easily be damaged, such as sports activities. But don't be surprised if, after having your standard vision test, you're informed that you must also undergo a contact lens exam. These exams are critical for ensuring that you get the right type of comfortable, well-fitting lenses -- and our optometrist in College Station TX, Dr. Matthew Greene, is happy to provide them.

Why Do You Need a Contact Lens Exam?

While it's true that your comprehensive eye exam's vision test gives us the information we need about your corrective lens prescription, that's only one part of what we need to know when fitting you with contact lenses. First and foremost, we need to size your lenses so they'll fit perfectly on your eyes -- an extra consideration that's less urgent for eyeglasses, which merely sit in front of the eyes. Our optometrist in College Station will take precise measurements of your pupils, irises, and corneas. Corneal curvature is measured with a device called a keratometer, while digital corneal topography provides detailed data about every tiny deviation from the curvature.

A number of factors can influence what kind of contacts you may be able to wear. Many individuals do just fine with standard, single-vision soft contacts, while others run into issues that put their eyes in the "hard to fit" category. Examples include:

  • Dry eye, which can make ordinary contacts irritating and uncomfortable to wear

  • Presbyopia, astigmatism and other complex refractive errors

  • Corneal deformations such as keratoconus

  • Giant papillary conjunctivitis, a reaction to protein accumulation on lenses

Finding and Fitting the Perfect Contacts for You

As we take your eye measurements, we will also evaluate your medical history and any current eye conditions that might call for specialized lenses. We may then recommend options such as moisture-retaining lenses for dry eye, rigid gas permeable lenses for strong prescriptions (and for dry eye, since these lenses accumulate less debris than soft lenses), multifocal lenses for presbyopia, or scleral lenses to compensate for keratoconus. If, on the other hand, you have no underlying eye issues and your vision can be corrected fairly easily, we may go ahead and fit you with standard soft contacts.

In addition to considering your vision needs, we will also ask you about how you intend to wear and look after your contacts. If you're not a stickler for cleaning and maintenance, we may recommend single-use disposable lenses to help you avoid eye infections. If you need to be able to see clearly around the clock, we may recommend extended-wear lenses designed expressly for that use. It's the contact lens exam that makes this kind of customized lens selection possible. If the first fitting doesn't produce an ideal result, we will be happy to conduct additional fittings until you have the very best contact lens experience you'll find anywhere in College Station TX.

Call Urban Optics to Schedule Your Exam

Now that see the value of our contact lens exams, it's time to find out for yourself just what kind of contacts will best suit your needs and lifestyle. Call Urban Optics at (979) 401-0800 to schedule an up-to-date vision test as well as a contact lens exam. The sooner we can evaluate your eyes, the sooner you'll have the comfortable, effective contact lenses you want and deserve!

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