Pediatric Eye Exams


Pediatric Eye Exams in College Station, TX

Many parents do not realize how important eye exams are for their young children. Children should have their eyes examined if they have a family history of eye problems or symptoms. If there are no apparent vision problems, then the child should have his or her vision checked at 6 months, 3 years and then before entering the first grade. Most states even require children to have at least one exam before entering the first grade to ensure they are not hindered by vision problems. Eye exams can help find problems that may hinder your child's abilities during the early stages of development.

Eye Problems that Could be Affecting Your Child

Do you think your child may be struggling with vision issues? Children that have eye problems may show signs or symptoms that could help in early diagnosis. Among the common symptoms that may indicate vision problems, you might notice:

  • Struggling to meet milestones in coordination (walking, crawling, grabbing, fine motor activities)

  • Poor performance in school

  • A difficulty in paying attention

  • Trouble seeing details from a distance

  • Headaches or eye pain

  • Blurry or double vision

An annual eye exam may be all your child needs. However, if you do notice vision problems, then you will want to visit an eye care professional for an immediate examination. If immediate family members wear glasses, you will also want to ensure that you visit an eye doctor for an early exam. Your child may struggle with meeting milestones and developing in a typical timeframe if there is a vision problem that is not addressed. While uncommon, some babies need glasses to correct their vision at a young age.

Common Children’s Vision Problems Screened

Problems screened by your optometrist can uncover eye issues before they cause serious damage or inhibit your child’s growth.

Lazy Eye
Amblyopia is a poor vision problem typically called “lazy eye” that may not be apparent. If this is not treated during childhood, the amblyopia may lead to a permanent loss of vision or impairment of the eye.

Strabismus leads to eyes that wander or do not aim at the same subject. Often, patching the properly aligned eye will force the misaligned eye to work harder. Sometimes, specially designed glasses or even surgery may be needed to properly address the issue.

Refractive Errors
Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are common examples of errors that occur when the eye is incorrectly shaped. Each of these problems are typically treated with glasses, which may stop the vision problem from causing headaches and give the patient perfect or near-perfect vision when he or she wears them.

What You Can Expect at Urban Optics

As your optometrist in College Station, TX, you can schedule appointments for the whole family with our office. We want you and your child to feel comfortable for your entire visit. After being warmly welcomed and checked in, a member of our team will examine the muscles and responsiveness of the eye. Your child’s eyes will be checked for proper reflection, focal ability, and individual eye shifting. Finally, your child will be tested with age-appropriate visual accuracy testing. You may be asked questions about your child’s habits so your provider can get a better feel for the state of your child’s vision. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about vision or optical health.

We would like to help your family with any vision needs or concerns you may have. If you or your child needs glasses, we would love to show you our wide selection of name brand frames for a wide variety of styles and budgets. Schedule your child's next eye Exam with our College Station optometrist today. Call (979) 401-0800 to learn more.

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