Ocular Disease Treatment & Management


Management of Ocular Diseases

Ocular diseases in College Station, TX affect all types of people, no matter the age, income, or lifestyle. Here at Urban Optics, we work with patients to diagnose, treat, and manage all ocular diseases. If you are concerned with eye diseases, or you think you are suffering from a condition, check out some of the most common ocular diseases listed here.

Infectious Eye Diseases

Some of the most common eye diseases are infectious and caused by a viral or bacterial infection. If you have an infectious eye disease you need to see our optometrist in College Station, TX at Urban Optics immediately to avoid spreading the disease. Pink eye is the most common infectious ocular disease we treat among patients. Also known as conjunctivitis, pink eye can easily be treated with a visit to our eye doctor.

Other infectious diseases of the eye include ocular herpes, fungal keratitis, and Acanthamoeba keratitis involving parasites in the eye. We offer treatment for all infectious eye diseases. Common symptoms of these diseases include red, swollen, itchy eyes that could be either overly dry or wet.

Age-Related Eye Diseases

The most well known age-related eye disease is macular degeneration. This is a non-curable condition, but treatments are available to slow its progression. The main concern with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is that there are no obvious symptoms other than vision loss. By the time you have lost your vision to AMD, you cannot reverse the condition. We recommend getting an annual eye exam to test for macular degeneration and begin treatment, if needed, to slow down the vision loss.

Glaucoma tends to be an age-related eye disease because it advances with age until you lose your vision permanently. In fact, glaucoma is one of the most common causes of blindness. While the disease cannot be cured, with early detection we can begin a treatment regimen that slows its progression.

Ocular Diseases and Health Conditions

If you have certain health issues, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, then you are more prone to certain ocular diseases. In the case of diabetes, you could suffer from diabetic macular edema or diabetic retinopathy. Both of these ocular diseases are highly damaging and cannot be cured. However, with early detection and proper management of our optometrist in College Station, TX can help protect your eyes from vision loss.

Dry Eye Condition

For individuals who use a digital screen, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone, on a regular basis there is a condition called dry eye. With dry eye, your eyes suffer from lack of tears or inability to control moisture. This is common among people who use digital screens with blue light for more than eight hours a day. Fortunately, we offer dry eye treatment at Urban Optics.

Treatment and Care of Ocular Diseases

The best way to protect your eyes and vision against the adverse effects of the ocular disease is by getting a routine eye exam. When you visit Urban Optics for a comprehensive vision test and eye exam, we can detect and diagnose any eye diseases at the earliest onset. In most instances, early detection is the greatest advantage you can have toward treatment. Additionally, if you are likely to suffer from certain ocular diseases, such as due to genetics or health problems, we can offer preventative care.​​​​​​​

Meet Our Optometrist in College Station, TX

Our optometrist in College Station, TX is Dr. Matthew Greene, who has more than 18 years of experience as an eye doctor. In addition to treating ocular diseases, Urban Optics eye doctors offer pre- and post-operative eye surgery care. Contact our office at (979) 401-0800 to make an appointment for an eye exam or treatment for eye diseases. Notice that we are currently offering a special deal on eyeglasses in case you have vision correction needs.

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