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Eye Strain Treatments

If you are suffering from eye strain we are here to help at Urban Optics in College Station. Eye strain is an eye condition that is caused by many of the activities we do every day, such as reading, using a mobile device, or working on a computer. Thankfully treating eye strain effectively can be easy to do at your optometrist’s office.

In some instances, eye strain is a sign that you are suffering from a more serious eye or health conditions such as computer vision syndrome. To ensure your optical health you want to see an eye doctor as soon as possible for treatment. Learn more about the eye condition of eye strain prior to visiting your College Station optometrist for treatment.

Symptoms and Causes of Eye Strain

Eye strain has several symptoms and causes to look for if you think you have this condition. Reasons that individuals can develop eye strain are focused on tedious visual tasks. Computer work, reading, or other visually straining activities, particularly those that carry on for hours at a time, are often the cause of eye strain. You may also have eye strain due to another medical condition or the use of certain medications.

Signs that you have the eye condition of eye strain include eye fatigue, blurred vision, double vision, headaches, or pain in and of the eyes. You may also have dry, red, or itchy eyes after doing activities that lead to eye strain. If you feel that you have this eye condition seek help from your optometrist at Urban Optics.​​​​​​​

Eye Strain Treatment at College Station Optometrist

Here at your College Station optometrist, we provide effective eye strain treatment. We typically begin with lifestyle advice if you are suffering from eye strain due to a specific issue, such as digital device use. You will need to make certain changes in your viewing habits in order to help treat eye strain.

If you have an underlying medical condition related to eye strain we will also provide treatments or referrals for these issues. You may be prescribed with eye exercises to help your eyes reduce strain if you are unable to change your lifestyle, i.e. you use a computer for your job. Additionally your College Station optometrist at Urban Optics may prescribe you with eyeglasses that are specially formatted for this eye condition.

Visit Your Optometrist in College Station

If you are ready to treat your eye strain it is time to visit your optometrist in College Station. Here at Urban Optics we provide comprehensive eye care. Ranging from treating eye strain and cataracts in College Station to providing routine eye exams, we have everything you need to take better care of your vision and eye health.

To make an appointment with your eye doctor at Urban Optics call us at (979) 401-0800. Dr. Greene and his knowledgeable staff are here to help you reduce the symptoms and causes of eye strain.

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