Why back to school should include a trip to the eye doctor

When it comes to getting your kids ready to go back to school, there are lots of different things to consider. From new clothes and equipment to fitting their preferred extracurriculars into your busy schedule, the list of priorities can seem a little overwhelming. However, one thing that you must make time for is a trip to the eye doctor.


All children are recommended to attend yearly eye exams once they reach school age, and there really is no better time to have this crucial appointment than just before they start a new school year. Here’s why your back to school routine should include a trip to the eye doctor.

80% of learning at school is presented visually

Unless your child goes to a school designed to cater for those who are significantly visually impaired, as much as 80% of their learning will be presented to them in a visual format. This could be notes on the board, books used in class, clips shown on screen or even experiments performed right in front of them. Unsurprisingly, if your child can’t see clearly and doesn’t have the right visual skills, not only will they not necessarily be able to see what is happening, but they might not be able to make sense of it and this will significantly impair their ability to learn.

Many children with visual difficulties are misdiagnosed

One of the trickiest things about vision problems is that they can be difficult to diagnose in children, and this is often because the child themselves may not realize that they are adversely affected, especially if they are very young. Many children mistakenly think that they lack academic ability, when in fact it is their poor vision and visual skills that are preventing them from reaching their full potential. Some will be unable to concentrate or may even act out in a bid to distract others from their inability to read or understand what is in front of them, and sometimes this behavior can lead to them getting in trouble. Every year, many children are mistakenly diagnosed with learning and/or behavior problems such as dyslexia or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) when it is in fact their vision that is the underlying cause of the issues that they are experiencing.

Healthy eyes and clear vision give children confidence

Every parent or guardian wants their child to be happy at school, but when you have vision problems, it is easy to lack confidence and self-belief and this can have a huge impact on their social interactions. Children who aren’t confident can find it harder to integrate with their peers and form solid relationships, as well as losing faith in their ability to achieve at school. Such low self-esteem can affect the effort that they are willing to put in at school, and even put their entire academic future at risk.



Scheduling an eye exam should be one of your most important back-to-school priorities. Don’t let your child go back to school without one. Call Urban Optics today at (979)-690-0888 or text us at (979)-326-1704 to schedule their appointment.

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