What To Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting at Urban Optics

What To Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting at Urban Optics

Aug 28, 2018


Not every contact lens patient wears their lenses all the time. Some opt for only wearing them to work or while playing sports, while others prefer their lenses whenever they're awake. Regardless of how often you're planning to wear your contacts, having the correct fit is crucial for correcting your vision. At Urban Optics in College Station, TX, our optometrists perform comprehensive eye examinations as well as a contact lens fitting for every patient looking to wear any type of contacts.

Eye Exams vs. Contact Lens Exam and Fittings

Contact lens patients need both types of examination in order to get the right type of vision correction. All of our patients will go through a comprehensive eye exam first, including tests for visual acuity as well as those for eye health. These tests can determine whether you're developing certain eye diseases or conditions that require treatment.

Once our optometrist finishes the general eye examination, we'll do a consultation and fitting specifically designed to find the right type and size of contact lens for your eyes. We'll begin with a consultation and will ask health and lifestyle questions that will help to determine exactly what type of lens are right for you. We'll need to find out if you have any eye conditions such as astigmatism or dry eye, or if you spend time in certain environments such as in sporting events or in dry or windy conditions. We'll also ask about daily vs. monthly disposable lenses as well as soft vs. rigid gas permeable types.

Once our doctor determines the type of lens you need, he'll do elaborate measurements on your eyes to ensure your new contacts will fit correctly. He'll measure the curvature of your eyeball as well as the size of your pupil or iris.

Contact our Optometrist in College Station

When you're ready to be fitting with contact lenses, see a professional for the best fit and vision correction. Contact our optometrists at Urban Optics by calling us at (979) 690-0888 today. We'll schedule a convenient appointment for you with one of our professionals.

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