What Should You NOT Do Before an Eye Exam?

Comprehensive eye exams are an important part of our preventative eye care. Many people think that they only need to visit an eye doctor when they are experiencing pain or problems with their eyes or vision, but actually, attending regular check-ups gives your eye doctor an opportunity to carefully monitor the health and condition of your eyes. This makes it easier for them to detect problems that are developing before they have serious consequences for your eyesight.


Eye doctors recommend that you attend at least one comprehensive eye exam every two years, regardless of your age or eyesight. However, if you wear glasses, have been diagnosed with an eye condition or if your eye doctor has concerns about your eyesight, the frequency of these appointments may be reduced.


To help you to be as prepared as possible, here are a few things that you should avoid doing before an eye exam.


Don’t Do Anything Visually Stressful

It’s important that you don’t overexert your eyes in the hours before your eye exam. Using digital devices, reading, driving for prolonged periods, etc can all place considerable strain on your eyes, and this means that you are more likely to suffer from eye fatigue following your eye exam. For similar reasons, you should also try and get a good amount of sleep before your eye exam. Try and schedule your appointment for the morning to make sure that your eyes are as rested as possible.


Don’t Drink Coffee

Many people start the day with a cup of coffee, but what you might not realize is that drinking caffeine can affect your blood pressure, and the more you drink, the more significant this change is likely to be. This might not seem that important, but as part of your eye exam, your eye doctor will look at the blood vessels that are found at the back of the eye. These can reflect high blood pressure and potentially cause your eye doctor to be unnecessarily concerned.


Similarly, patients should also avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours before their appointment if possible. Alcohol also affects your blood pressure, as well as potentially making your eyes feel dry and irritated. And this could make your tests less comfortable.


Take Your Current Prescription Eyewear With You

If you already wear glasses or contact lenses, you should bring these with you to your appointment. Your eye doctor will want to check and test your current prescription against any changes that may have occurred, to ensure that they are still working as well as they could be. If your prescription has changed significantly, you may need new glasses or contact lenses.


It’s also advisable to take a pair of sunglasses to your appointment. This is because part of your comprehensive eye exam may involve dilating your pupils. When this happens, more light is let into the eyes, making things seem much brighter than usual. A pair of sunglasses will help keep you comfortable until this dilation wears off.


Bring Your Insurance Paperwork

Unless you are paying for your eye exam out of pocket, we recommend that you remember to bring your insurance paperwork with you. This will help to save you time at your appointment and will streamline the billing process.




For more tips on how to prepare for an eye exam, visit Urban Optics in College Station, TX. Call (979) 690-0888 to schedule an appointment today.

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