What Is Light Sensitivity Eyewear?

Light sensitivity or photophobia is an uncomfortable eye sensation that some people experience in bright light conditions. The condition can affect day-to-day life or limit the time spent outdoors. It can also lead to headaches, dizziness, severe eye pain, blurriness, excessive blinking, and other symptoms. 

Some glasses can help shield the eyes, reducing the discomfort experienced. Different types of light sensitivity glasses can help. It is vital to learn more about light sensitivity eyewear.


Understanding Light Sensitivity

Day-to-day life involves moving between different levels of light. From moving in and out of the house, using computer screens, or watching TV, the eyes experience different forms of light. The light sources can act as stressors that cause eye discomfort. 

As the discomfort worsens over time, it leads to symptoms like pain, excessive tearing, squinting, and burning sensations. These are symptoms of the condition known as photophobia or light sensitivity. This is not an eye disease but a reaction to extreme light intolerance. 


Causes of Light Sensitivity

Some conditions can make the eyes light-sensitive. Eye conditions that affect the eye surface, such as dry eye, conjunctivitis, and corneal problems, can lead to sensitivity. Eye sensitivity can also result from certain medications and uveitis or eye inflammation. 

Inherited retinal conditions like retinitis pigmentosa can cause light sensitivity. It can also be due to conditions such as aniridia and ocular albinism. Eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts can lead to light sensitivity. 


Light Sensitivity Eyewear

There are many light sensitivity eyewear options. These range from glass tints in different colors to lens treatments. You can find the right option for you, depending on your eye condition. When looking for the ideal eyewear, you need to think about different factors, such as your vision. 

Regular sunglasses may limit the light that enters the eyes, but they may not work for someone with poor vision. The ideal eyewear needs to allow adequate light for clear vision while blocking light to reduce the sensitivity.


Choosing Light Sensitivity Glasses

You can choose polarizing sunglasses to filter out reflected or horizontal light. The glasses also help reduce glare from different surfaces such as glass, water, and snow. The glasses offer improved contrast and more natural color perception. 

Another option is reaction lenses that darken when you move outdoors and clear when indoors. They adapt to different light conditions while also offering UV protection. They are ideal for driving as they do not darken behind the car window screen. Find out the best color tint for your eyes. 


Choosing the Best Frames

When choosing sensitivity eyewear, think about the size and style of the frames. Consider getting wraparound frames with thick sides to limit the light that reaches the eyes. The wraparound style helps protect the eyes from every direction, which is ideal when dealing with photophobia.

This is the reason sports players choose this style. When choosing eyewear, make sure you choose glasses that offer UV protection. 

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