Signs Your Kids Might Have Vision Problems

Signs Your Kids Might Have Vision Problems

Nov 02, 2018


Your child's vision is every bit as important as their other body functions. If you think your child is experiencing difficulty with their vision, calling Urban Optics in College Station, TX to make an appointment for an evaluation is best. Here are some signs to watch for which indicate your youngster might be having vision troubles.

Itchiness Of The Eyes

If your child experiences itchiness of the eyes frequently, it may be a sign of a vision problem that requires intervention. Conjunctivitis, also known as "Pink Eye", causes itchiness, redness of the eyes, crustiness of mucus, and sensitivity to light. Itchiness may also be caused by an allergic reaction. Drops are usually prescribed to help relieve this discomfort.

Squinting Or Blinking

When vision is not up to par, children tend to squint their eyes in an attempt to make things look crisper. Blinking the eyes frequently may also be noticed. Many children also blink or squint if they feel something inside of their eye. Either way, these symptoms require a trip to an optometrist to get the eyes checked for foreign bodies or vision changes.

Changes In School Grades Because Of Poor Vision

If you find your child is not doing as well in school as they had in the past, there is a possibility it is the result of a change in their vision. When a child is unable to see the material being presented to them in front of a classroom, grades often plummet as a result. Ask your child's school nurse if they had given them a vision test recently and inquire about the results. While testing vision in school can point out problems blatantly, more extensive testing from a professional eye care service is best to rule out vision problems.

Contact Our Urban Optics in College Station, TX Today!

If you believe your child needs an eye exam to check on their vision because they have one or more of the above symptoms, make an appointment with Urban Optics in College Station. Give us a call at (979) 690-0888 to check our availability today.

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