Glasses For School

Glasses For School

Oct 16, 2018


If you wear glasses and want to up your game for a new year, Urban Optics in College Station is the place for you. And there's no better time to show off a new trendy accessory than before you head back to the classroom. For a dependable, stylish solution to your vision problems, updated glasses can see you through the day, suiting every occasion. From early morning lectures and lunch on your favorite patio to late night study sessions or live music at the coffee shop, our optometrist will help you find the perfect pair for your demanding lifestyle.

The Latest Back to School Trends

Dominating classrooms all over the area, transparent acetates, bold black or colored frames, and elegant tortoiseshell designs are at the top of every discerning student's list of must-haves. See-through specs, made with semi-clear acetate bring a new twist to a vintage design. Large dark frames, with their ability to complement every style, attract even the pickiest wearers with their daring, classic vibes. And for a neutral but elegant choice, tortoiseshell frames make a modern, subtle statement. For a pick that never goes out of style, impress your classmates with a sleek set of wire frames.

For Adults, Teens, or Kids in College Station

Before you gear up for another semester, visit Urban Optics to outfit the entire family. Our versatile selection serves every age demographic, with the best brands and up-to-date trends to satisfy every need. To get a better idea of fit and feel, schedule an appointment today. Our friendly staff will see you through every step of the process, ensuring your lifestyle preferences and needs are considered along with personal taste.

To see and look better, call (979) 690-0888 today!

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