Best Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Best Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Nov 26, 2019

Dry eyes are a very common problem, so much so that that there is now a condition named after the symptom: dry eye disease, or dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome occurs when the eyes either don’t make enough natural tear film or when the tears that are produced dry out too quickly. Both result in a range of symptoms that include:

  • Dry, itchy eyes
  • Eyes that feel gritty or like there is something lodged in them
  • Red eyes
  • Stinging eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurred vision
  • Eyes that feel heavy and tired
  • Excessive watering (which occurs as a result of the body recognizing how dry the eyes are and massively increasing tear film production to try and combat it)


Causes of dry eyes

There are many reasons why someone may develop dry eye including a reaction to airborne allergens such as pollen or smoke, spending time in dry, dusty or air-conditioned environments, or excessive screen time. Dry eyes can also be caused by taking certain medications as well as other eye-related conditions.


In some instances, wearing contact lenses can actually cause the eyes to dry out. This is known as contact lens-induced dry eyes (CLIDE) and occurs because the thin layer of contact lens material on your retina limits the flow of oxygen to the eyes. Without enough oxygen, the eyes struggle to make natural tear film.


Dry eyes and wearing contact lenses

Dry eyes can make it difficult for someone to wear contact lenses. This is because the eyes are lacking in the natural lubrication needed for the lenses to sit comfortably on the eyes. However, this does not mean that you can’t or shouldn’t wear contact lenses. Eye drops can help with daily disposable lenses, but if you wear monthly or two-week lenses, you will need a contact lens solution to clean and store your lenses. Finding the right contact lens solution can make it much easier for a patient with dry eye disease to wear contact lenses comfortably.


The best contact lens solution for dry eyes

Every patient is different which means that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ contact lens solution and finding the right variety for you can be a process of trial and error. That said, there are some contact lens solutions that are consistently rated as being suitable and effective for patients with dry eyes.


Preservative-free lens solutions are extremely effective. They are comprised of a sterile mix of salt and water and are ideal for rinsing and washing away loosened dirt or debris from your lenses, storing your lenses and rewetting them to improve your comfort whilst wearing them. However, they will not clean and disinfect your lenses and you will still need to use a cleaning solution prior to the saline. If you want to use a saline solution, we recommend that you clean the lenses first with your preferred cleaning solution, then use saline to give them a quick rinse to increase the comfort level before placing them in your eyes.


Here are a few of our favorite products:


Opti-Free Puremoist Multipurpose Contact Lens solution

  • Gets rid of microorganisms that can cause eye infections
  • The HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix surrounds your lenses in a mixture of moisture, providing superior comfort and creating a barrier that reduces deposits and debris
  • Can be used to rinse, clean, disinfect, store and recondition contact lenses


Biotrue Contact Lens solution

  • Multipurpose and can be used to clean, disinfect, rinse and store your contact lenses.
  • Biotrue hydrates your contact lenses with the same lubricant that is found in your eyes and matches the PH levels of healthy tears.
  • Studies have found that Biotrue can keep eyes moisturized for up to 20 hours.


Clear Care Cleaning and Disinfection solution

  • Powerful triple-action loosens dirt, deep cleans your lenses and removes proteins
  • Contains no preservatives
  • Cleans and disinfects
  • Clean Care Plus uses HydraGlyde for long-lasting moisture and greater comfort



If you aren’t sure which is the best contact lens solution for your eyes, our dedicated team would be happy to help. Please contact our offices to schedule an appointment.

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