Are Daily Disposable Contacts Better?

Daily disposable contacts are single-use contact lenses that allow users to dispose of them after a day’s use. As a user, you get to start each day with a fresh pair of contacts. It is important, however, to understand that they are not the same as regular disposable contacts. You can wear disposable contacts for more than one day. However, if your eye doctor told you to throw away your contacts after every day, then that means they are daily disposables.


Are They Right for You?


Before you purchase a pair of daily disposable contacts, you need to ask your eye doctor whether they are right for you. The doctor will analyze your prescription, vision, and lifestyle to determine the type of contact lenses you need.


Daily disposable contacts are gaining in popularity among patients and eye doctors. This is mainly due to their convenience and health benefits. That said, before you choose to make a purchase, you need to consider two important factors, which are:


  • Disposable, in the world of contacts, does not always refer to single-use. If you throw out your contact lenses every week, fortnight, or month, they are not daily-use. However, they are disposable. You need to differentiate between the words “disposable” and “single-use or daily.”

  • There is a difference between daily disposable and daily-wear. Daily-wear contact lenses require users to remove them before sleeping. Depending on the brand you use, you can choose to replace your lenses every day, week, month, or even a few months.


Should You Choose Disposable Contact Lenses?


Before the advent of disposable contact lenses, having to replace your contacts was a wise and healthy thing to do. However, they were too costly to get rid of often. Consequently, people started using different devices and solutions to extend the life of the lenses.


Thanks to technological advances, manufacturers are developing new methods to produce high-quality disposable contacts in greater volume. Thanks to increased production, prices are going down. This makes it possible and affordable for people with vision problems to replace their contact lenses every day.


Cost of Disposable Contacts


Contrary to what most people assume, daily disposable contacts are quite affordable. Do you visit Starbucks for your daily shot of coffee? If you do, you may be surprised to know that you probably spend more on your coffee than you would spend on a pair of daily disposable contacts.


To put it another way, you will enjoy your coffee for an hour or so. A fresh pair of contact lenses, however, will provide good vision and comfort all day long. Although they might cost more than monthly-replacement lenses, the benefits you gain are worth considering.


Furthermore, the money you spend on monthly lens care products will probably offset the higher cost of daily disposable contacts. This is because you will not need such products when using daily disposable ones.


Benefits of Daily Disposable Contacts


Many people with vision problems are switching from eyeglasses to contacts. According to the CDC, more than 45 million people in the U.S. wear contact lenses. Switching to contacts can be a bit difficult, especially when it comes to choosing the right ones for you. If you are thinking about daily disposable contacts, consider they are convenient and easy to use. Also, you wear them for just one day, they reduce the risk of infection, and they are great for kids, occasional wearers, and newbies.


To learn more about daily disposable contacts, contact Urban Optics in College Station, Texas at (979) 690-0888 to book an appointment today.

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