April Is Sports Eye Safety Month: What Eye Protection Do You Need for Each Sport?

Spring is here, and it is the season for outdoor games and sports. April is Sports Eye Safety Month, a reminder that sports are fun but pose unique dangers to your eye health and safety. Every year, eye doctors in emergency rooms across the U.S. treat close to 30,000 eye injuries associated with sports. Fortunately, 90 percent of these injuries can be prevented by putting on suitable protective eyeglasses or contact lenses.

To exercise caution during sports activities this spring, here are a few eye-protection tips you need for each sport:



Studies show that basketball is the primary cause of eye injuries linked to sports in America. Impact on the court can bring about retinal detachment. Your eye can also get poked accidentally, leaving it bloodshot. When playing basketball, tennis, field hockey, or soccer, you should have eyewear made from plastic that is shatterproof, such as polycarbonate glasses.

Baseball and Softball


You are at a high risk of getting your face hit by a fast-moving ball when playing baseball or softball. These two sports also record high rates of eye injury. If you play baseball or software, you need to find appropriate faceguards and eyewear that meet the standards of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ATSM).



Volleyball players run a risk of getting hit in the eye with a volleyball or from a collision with another player. Also, beach volleyball can harm your eyes if they are not shielded from harmful UV rays. Keep your eyes safe and healthy with UV400 standard sports glasses. These glasses will help protect you from eye damage from either sun rays or an unexpected collision on the court.



The risk of eye damage is high when playing lacrosse, even though the sport is otherwise moderately risky. When playing lacrosse, put on a helmet with a polycarbonate or wire face shield. Also, ensure that the face shield meets basic safety standards.

Pool-Based Sports


Before diving into a swimming pool, check that you have the right eye protection. Chlorine compounds found in pool water can irritate your eyes, resulting in injury. Get prescription swimming goggles to cover your eyes as you enjoy exploring the sights underwater.


Martial Arts and Boxing

Combat sports can put you at risk of severe eye injuries, some of which can cause vision loss. When boxing, wearing protective gloves can make it less likely that your eye will get damaged.

Remember that your everyday eyeglasses or contacts can worsen an injury if they break. While sports safety eyewear may seem costly, investing in a good pair can help you avoid expensive treatments in the future. Getting protective eyewear may turn out to be the most economical solution in the long run if you engage in combat sports.

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