Halloween Eye Safety Tips

If you and your children love dressing up and going out during Halloween, you need to make sure that you are safe in every way. Over the years, many eye injuries have been reported due to Halloween activities. Whether you plan to be with your kids and go to a Halloween party or to go “trick-or-treating” with them, there are some important tips to ensure that you all remain safe.

Picking the Right Costume

One of the highlights of Halloween is choosing the costume. The fun of preparing for the day is in picking out the perfect costume. Don’t allow your scary costume to become a real-life nightmare. There are costume problems that can lead to unexpected injuries. Some accessories, such as masks and wigs, can sometimes block the eyes. You or your child will find it difficult to walk when you can’t see where you are going. Make sure that the costume doesn’t affect side vision. If you or your child normally wear glasses, make sure that the costume accommodates this.

Avoid Pointed Objects


Carrying props adds to the fun, but some props can be downright dangerous. Make sure that any pointy objects do not become hazards. Toy wands, swords, and other accessories should be handled with care. Toddlers should not carry anything that they can use to injure their eyes. Keep in mind your child is trying to walk in a strange costume, and this means that balance can be a problem.

Wearing Decorative Contacts


You need to be very careful if you decide to wear decorative contacts. The contacts might help to take the costume to the next level, but they are not necessarily safe. There are serious risks associated with wearing decorative contacts. The contacts sold without prescriptions are usually potentially harmful to the eyes. Some of the risks include infection, allergic reactions, corneal abrasion, and even blindness. You should always avoid wearing contact lenses that are not prescribed by an eye specialist or doctor.

Ensure Makeup Safety

Wearing makeup is a huge part of the Halloween atmosphere. Before you decide to paint your child’s face, make sure that you use the right products. Apply the makeup carefully, avoiding the eye area. Remember that running makeup can get into the eyes, causing infection or injury. It is a good idea to choose hypo-allergenic options that are safe. Better still, always opt for a mask instead of makeup. Carry a washcloth or wet towel to wipe off the makeup if it begins to run.

Enhanced Visibility


Apart from being able to see, it is very important to be seen. Make sure that you are visible to cars and other road users. If possible, choose costumes that are brightly colored or reflective, or you can carry glow sticks as an accessory. When “trick-or-treating” at night, it is important to carry a flashlight to illuminate dark streets and steps.

Remember that Halloween is supposed to be fun, but this can only happen if everyone comes back home safely. By following the simple tips, you can ensure that you and your kids have a great time trick-or-treating.

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