5 Easy Steps to Choose the Right Contact Lens Solution

Contact lenses are arguably the best solution to vision correction since they have several advantages over prescription glasses. Contacts provide flexibility of usage, peripheral vision, and freedom of movement. But as contact lenses sit directly on the eyes, they require special care. You will need to choose the right solution to store, clean, and disinfect them.

Here are a few steps to help you select the right solution for your lenses.

Know Your Type of Contact Lens

Before selecting a contact solution, you need to consider the type of lens you are using since they come in many varieties. The most common ones include hybrid, gas permeable, and soft silicone hydrogel lenses.

Your doctor will advise you on which lens best suits your vision condition. If you do not recall this, check the packaging or consult your doctor for more advice. After, you can move on to choosing a contact lens solution.

Learn The Different Types of Contact Lens Solutions

In many pharmacies, you will find a variety of contact lens solutions. Avoid the temptation to choose the cheapest ones or the brands familiar to you. Some selections include enzymatic protein remover, daily cleaning, saline, multipurpose, and hydrogen-based solutions.

Another thing to look out for is the ingredients in the lens solution. They include:

  • Polyaminopropyl biguanide - A cleaner and disinfectant.

  • Polyquaternium - Breaks up proteins and pathogens.

  • Saline - A mixture of water and sodium chloride.

  • Boric acid - Antibiotic that cleans and soothes your eyes.

  • Hydrogen peroxide - Disinfectant.

  • Propylene glycol - Relieves eye inflammation.

Make A Choice

After understanding the type of contact lens and the ideal solution, you are ready to decide and make a choice. Take time to research clinical trials of ingredients in different lens solutions. Seek your doctor’s opinion when unsure of your selection. They know what solution best suits your type of contact lens. If what they recommend does not work well for you, inform your doctor.

Gauge How You Feel

When selecting a lens solution for the first time, you may have to test several of them before deciding. In this trial and error, you will find which solutions irritate you or cause other side effects. Take time to compare the ingredients of different lens solutions. After this, you will know what ingredients and levels to avoid.

The ideal contact lens solution must have a pH level of 7.5, like your tears. At this pH level, the lens solution offers comfort by hydrating your eyes throughout the day. Some components like hyaluronan can stay in silicone hydrogel contact lenses for approximately 20 hours. If you have any problem with the solution, contact your doctor for an alternative solution.


Price is an unavoidable factor that you must consider before buying anything. The price of some brand-name solutions may deter you from purchasing the product. Contact lens solutions containing hydrogen peroxide may be more expensive than most others.

Many people may use generic or off-brand lens solutions with minimal discomfort or complications. However, some of these products can alter chemical components in your body without your knowledge.

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