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At Urban Optics, we want our patients to be prepared and informed about every part of their eye care regimen. After all, when you know what to expect and what to do at home, you make it easier for us to prevent problems and spot symptoms early. If you’re looking for a new optometrist in College Station, make an appointment at Urban Optics to get back on track with your eye and vision care regimen. Whether you have a refractive error that requires corrective eyewear or a progressive eye condition that needs to be managed, our optometrist and the rest of our team are here to help. We just need some information from you first.

Here’s everything you need to know before you visit our optometrist in College Station, TX:

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What to Expect During Your First Visit

Our optometrist in College Station, TX, is determined to give every patient the one-on-one care they deserve. That starts with a comprehensive exam and consultation for new patients, which allows us to establish a baseline and get started on a correction or treatment plan if necessary. But first, you’ll enter our reception area and make sure we have the paperwork you already completed. As we review your forms and prepare for your visit, just relax in one of our comfortable chairs and rest assured that your eyes are our top priority.

Our goal for your first visit is to completely assess your eye and vision care needs, so after we consult your new patient paperwork, your optometrist will call you in and perform a detailed assessment of your eyes. Your first eye exam will include a series of tests, measurements, and exercises designed to evaluate each eye and how it works, and our techniques aren’t limited to simply visual inspections or vision charts. Our full-service optometry center is up-to-date with sensitive, innovative diagnostic equipment, all designed to detect subtle abnormalities and help us tackle all your preventative and diagnostic needs.

Save Time with Online New Patient Forms

We value your time, so we do our best to expedite the intake process for new patients. That’s why we posted our new patient forms online, giving you plenty of time to be thorough and accurate before your visit. Instead of filling out forms in the waiting room, download them now and fill them out from the comfort of home. Take your time, and make sure we know everything about your optical health history and your current symptoms or concerns. Our College Station optometrist, Dr. Matthew Greene, will use your new patient paperwork to guide his prevention and treatment methods in the future. C

Our Payment Options at Urban Optics

At Urban Optics, we know eye and vision care is a crucial part of your overall health care regimen. We want it to be as accessible as possible, so we offer regular specials on our eye care services and corrective eyewear for your convenience. We also honor a variety of payment options and work closely with vision insurance companies to make sure your eye care is covered. If you have questions about our payment options or the insurance plans we accept, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you explore your options.

Make an Appointment with Our Optometrist in College Station, TX

Are you ready for your first eye exam at Urban Optics? Our optometrist and the rest of our optometry team are eager to get started on your eye care needs. Just give us a call, and our reception staff will gather the information they need to set up your first consultation. Because your first eye exam may take a little more time than usual, we want to make sure we accommodate your schedule when we set the time and date for your appointment. Call (979) 690-0888 to request an appointment with our optometrist in College Station, TX, today.

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