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Frequently Asked Questions about Our College Station Eyeglasses

Whether you're getting your very first pair of eyeglasses or you're simply due for an update, there may be aspects of selecting these accessories that you need to understand in more detail. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about them at our College Station clinic, Urban Optics.

Why Might I Consider Getting Eyeglasses Instead of Just Getting Contacts?

Eyeglasses have the extra advantage of serving as both a fashion statement and a handy form of vision correction. If you can't get used to wearing lenses directly on your eyes or you can't be troubled with providing the necessary hygiene for extended-wear contacts, you may consider eyeglasses a simpler solution.

What Kind of Selection Do You Maintain?

Our College Station optical center has an extensive range of frames for all ages from the world's leading fashion designers. Our brands include Badgly Mischka, Costa Del Mar, Oakley, TOMS, Vera Bradley, and many others.

How Do I Choose the Right Frame Shape and Color for My Face?

Our experts can help you select the most flattering frames for your face. Look for colors that complement your complexion and everyday fashion sense, as well as shapes that contrast your facial shape (such as rectangular frames for a round face or vice versa).

How Does the Frame Shape and Size Relate to My Prescription?

If you're getting multifocal lenses (such as bifocals, trifocals, or progressive lenses), you need to get a frame large enough and deep enough to provide room for all the necessary corrective fields. Otherwise you may end up without enough near-focus area, or the fields may be crowded together too closely.

Which Lens Material Will Suit My Needs?

While any modern plastic can provide good vision correction, some will be better for your specific needs than others. CR-39 plastic is the most affordable choice, for instance, while polycarbonate offers more shatter resistance for kids and active adults. Trivex and high-index lenses offer the highest standards of light weight and minimal distortion.

What Kinds of Coatings Should I Consider?

If your eyeglasses don't contain built-in UV protection, make sure you get this critical form of filtering as an add-on coating. We can also provide you with anti-glare or anti-fog coatings for better vision (and safety) in outdoor conditions. Polarization is another option for blocking reflections from bright surfaces. We can even offer a range of tints to suit specific activities or conditions.

Get Your Answers and Your Eyeglasses from Us

If you're ready to enjoy the ultimate pair of eyeglasses, Urban Optics is ready to fit you for them, starting with an updated eye exam. Call (979) 690-0888 today!

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