Eyecare Services

When choosing the right eye care facility for your family means finding a location that is friendly, knowledgeable and has a wide range of services to meet your needs. From routine checks to treatment for serious conditions, Urban Optics is here to support your family’s vision health.

Eyecare Services

Eye & Vision Exams

Starting around 6 months, we see patients to scan for potential problems and run age-appropriate tests to examine vision. We like to see our patients again once or twice before they start school, depending on the family history of eye health and whether or not the parents need prescriptions. Discovering vision problems early may mean easier correction or improved vision for meeting typical milestones. Children with vision problems can struggle to walk, read, perform fine motor skills and other things that depend on perception and being able to see clear details.

Contact Lens Exams

We offer contacts and glasses for those who need vision correction. Our optometry center will take precise eye measurements to ensure that your contacts are custom fit. Your corneas, irises, and pupils all have to be examined to make sure that the curve of the lens lines up without irritation or scratching.

Lasik Eye Surgery

For many patients that are farsighted, nearsighted or have astigmatism, Lasik surgery can be used to fix or greatly improve vision. We can meet with you to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. We will be able to refer you to a surgeon to complete the outpatient surgery and then help you with follow-up exams to watch your post-op recovery.

Glaucoma Treatment

The second leading cause of blindness in America is due to glaucoma. Your College Station optometrist will help you by checking your vision and keeping the common risk factors in mind as you are treated. Glaucoma is most common in those over the age of 60, African American, Asian, those with diabetes and those with a family history of glaucoma.

Dry Eye

Irritated eyes may just seem annoying, but a lack of healthy tear production can cause problems with the vision and cornea. Healthy tears include mucous, water and oil to keep your eyes moisturized and working smoothly. Irritation of the eyes can lead to infection, scarring or inflammation when they are not treated properly.

Cataracts Treatment

A common eye problem, especially for aging adults, is cataracts. Cataracts happen when they eye gets cloudy and vision is affected in one or both eyes. If this condition is caught at an early stage, corrective lenses can improve vision. We have a range of tests to check your vision and determine your top options based on the severity of your glaucoma.

Eye Strain

Reading, mobile devices and the computer can cause eye strain due to focus on visual tasks. Many of our patients complain about blurred vision, eye fatigue, headaches and pain in the eyes when their eyes are bothered by overuse. We can treat eye strain and usually start with changing your life habits to put less strain on your eyes.

Light Sensitivity

Over 90% of migraine sufferers also experience hypersensitivity to light, or photophobia. If you suffer from migraine, photophobia could be triggering or exacerbating your condition. Light sensitivity eyewear from Axon Optics is clinically proven to reduce migraine attacks by filtering out the light most likely to trigger photophobia symptoms. Unlike sunglasses that filter all types of light and may cause your eyes to become even more sensitive, Axon Optics eyewear filters only the painful light. This makes them safe to wear all day, every day. Visit our office to learn more about Axon Optics eyewear and contacts for light sensitivity, and how they could help you experience fewer migraine attacks. Call or stop by our office to learn more. 


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